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There are 4 racquets available in BABOLAT AEROPRO series:

1) Babolat AeroPro Drive GT
Babolat Aeropro Drive GT is an updated version of Cortex technology used by Rafael Nadal. It contains all the features of Cortex, plus it adds the Graphite-Tungsten (GT) technology. The racquet offers combination of brilliant power, full control and spin that could outwit any player. It suits players who have various amount of playing styles; this one is popular with club players through professionals. Strung weight: 320 grams.

2) Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus GT
This racquet with its added length provides exquisite power and spin from all the dimensions of the court. If you are a big server and a power hitting player, this racquet would most definitely suit towards your liking. Strung weight: 317 grams.

3) Babolat AeroPro Team GT
This is a slightly lighter version of Aeropro Drive GT racquet and is a great option for intermediate players. This lightweight racquet swings fast in the air and thereby helps generate power and spin. Strung weight: 300 grams.

4) Babolat AeroPro Lite GT
This racquet is a mix of manoeuvrability, stability, light weight and free flow speed. It suits beginner to intermediate players and also junior level players looking for transition from junior to adult racquet. Strung weight: 280 grams.